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CasinoSentry® Company Overview
"The Safest Bet In The Casino!"

Who is CasinoSentry®?

CasinoSentry® is a leading designer of fashion and security accessories for the casino gaming market with thousands of satisfied users worldwide. The Company's product portfolio includes some of the world's most popular and widely recognized gaming accessory products including the SideKick Gambler™, WildRose™, and HighRoller Secure Case™ lines as well as the LuckyLady™ and BlackJack™ line of gaming vests. Designed to elevate the enjoyment of the casino gaming experience to its pinnacle, CasinoSentry® products set the highest standard of design, innovation, and value in the industry.

CasinoSentry® products are sold worldwide through a well-established network of international resellers, retailers, original equipment manufacturers, and online providers as well as CasinoSentry® global websites. The Company's headquarters are located in Houston, Texas.

Corporate Mission Statement

The CasinoSentry® corporate pledge and missive is to offer only the highest quality goods and services. To this end, we stand behind every item we sell... no questions asked. On time delivery? Guaranteed! Have a problem? Consider it solved! CasinoSentry® pledges that any customer concern will receive the personal attention of one of the corporation’s founders.

CasinoSentry® - A Brief History...

So a teacher, a purchasing manager, and a computer geek walked into a casino. While enjoying the world-class hospitality and entertainment offered by the establishment, this diverse group noticed something about not only themselves, but the other casino patrons on the gaming floor as well. Everyone was carrying their gambling “necessities” in a sport pack designed for jogging or cycling, a purse created to meet a broad range of shopping needs, or they had just given up and tried to stuff everything into every available pocket on their person (note that the computer geek was pretty comfortable with this last scenario!). Obviously, none of these methods were neither secure or attractive… to anyone.

To make a long story just slightly longer, this small nucleus of people got together and started to brainstorm. The driving force in these sessions was the realization that there was nothing available in the marketplace that specifically addressed the needs of the gambling enthusiast. Two years of research and development later, the prototype of the SideKick Secure Case™ was finalized, custom manufactured, and field-tested in various gaming environments and activities. The design was such a success and received so many questions and compliments from other casino patrons that the decision was made to form a company that would be responsible for the design, manufacture, and the distribution of the SideKick™ line of secure cases to the public. So, July 13, 2002, CasinoSentry® was born! With the casino patron in mind, the newly minted Texas-based company began producing a line of products known collectively as CasinoGear™. The SideKick Secure Case™ line was the original flagship product of the CasinoGear™ product line.

What is CasinoGear™?

CasinoGear™ is the gaming accessories division of CasinoSentry®. The CasinoGear™ guiding vision is the development, manufacture, and marketing of personal accessory items exclusively designed for casino patrons, employees, and management alike. These lines include, but are not limited to, secure carrying cases, gaming vests, and phone/mp3 player cases. The over-riding requirement for every CasinoGear™ accessory is that it must provide a new and unique level of convenience and security for professional gamblers, casual casino gaming enthusiasts, and casino employees. Every product in the CasinoGear™ line must set the highest standard of design, innovation, and value in the industry. The CasinoGear™ product line-up offers an unrivaled level of inspired functionality along with user-specific designs that appeal to the most discriminating and fashion-conscious consumer, thus setting these exceptional products apart from any other in their class. All CasinoGear™ accessories include CasinoSentry® top-tier customer support and "no-questions-asked" satisfaction guarantee.